Thursday, January 7, 2016

Where I'm Headed: Student Affairs and Higher Education

I am beyond ecstatic that after two and a half years of hard work, I will be graduating in May 2016 with a MA in Student Personnel Administration! To those not in the know, this is a generalist degree that will allow me to work directly with students on a college campus in advising, recruitment, activities, and other realms.

As I look forward to what the next few years holds for me, I like to look back on all that I have accomplished:

Woman standing in front of logo for NASPA 2015
  • several major research projects
  • two internships that increased my professional network & skills
  • made several wonderful friendships
  • traveled to my first ever professional conference (New Orleans was a blast!)
  • contributed to a permanent display
  • achieved a 4.0 GPA

This degree also opens the door to a PhD program. I may or may not take this approach, but I find it important that the option be available to me. My current employment position opened up the opportunity for me to pursue my MA and it will continue to offer me the opportunity to pursue a PhD if I chose to do so.

I am finding that my passion pursuit and need for a creative outlet is stimulated and supported in this particular field. I love working with young adults and education has been a theme throughout all the jobs I've held. Finding a career that can combine all these aspects of me was very fortunate and I am incredibly happy to finally feel like I am headed in the right direction.


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